Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day136 Morris Plains - Secaucus 34.2 miles

This would be the first and last big mistake in 136 days.

As I was sick of running on a freeway US 46, I got out of it.

Tragedy started at the same time then.

It was impossible to correct the route to Fort Lee.

I completely got lost.

To make matters worse, I sneaked into free way several times.

It was a real adventure running on the freeway, where there was heavy traffic, all the cars were driving as fast as 60 miles per hour.

In some part there was no shoulder.

When it was raining, the visibility was very low.

I felt as if I had been running in the hell.

I arriverd at the motel in Secaucus, where I was not supposed to stay.

After I checked in, Mr. Ayabe who lives in Fort Lee, called me.

Yes, he was supposed to take care of me tonight.

He picked me up in his car and I had great dinner with his family in his place.

Tomorrow I'm gonna run to Fort Lee by noon.

And finally on 24th, I'll finish my PEACE RUN Across America.

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