Saturday, February 19, 2011

Far And Away

Led by only one road
that will lead me
to the end of the road

I will keep going on
However tough and hard
The road may be
Which is my mission

Here I am standing
On a starting line
Now I know
This road I follow
Is following a dream
Of my own 

Offering a prayer for peace
To the rising sun
Hoping for tomorrow
To the setting sun
Beyond the horizon
Yearning for my hometown
Under the bright moon

Far and away
My soul starts running
Longing for
Still Unknown
And mysterious world

(Photo: "A Lonesome Runner on the Bridge" by kay)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Change is all I need
An ordinary life without change
Is what nobody wish for
I dare to challenge for change

I got to spend
Plenty of my energy within me
On something

The word CHANGE is hidden
Inside the word CHALLENGE

It means
Challenge itself
Brings about a chance for change

Don't hesitate
My friend

Even though you are made a fool of
You can go your own way

You can do anything at the risk of your life

How can you live
Your limited life
Here in this world?

The chance will surely come to you
 If you do something desperately

If you don't accept any change
You just stay where you are
If you refuse something new
Your body is nothing but corpse

Your body and soul never refuses changes
Changes are evolution

Don't be so confused
My friend

If you lose your nerve
And stop going on
Nothing will change
Or you can't change anything
It's now or never
You can change now
Or you can never change

Keep challenging
Al the changes come from challenges

In such a chaotic world
You just have a strong will
A will strong enough to go on
Only one road with your two legs

(Illustration "Twilight Mellow" by kay)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Smell of the Wind

Listening to the sound of silence
What gets into my ears is
The song of the wind

To be exact
It's the words of the wind

The land, the sky
The mountains, the sea and the river

That's what I've heard
From the wind
Which has come back to me again
After traveling around

This smell of the wind
Blowing in from my sweet home,
Which has been kept
In my mind
Since when and where
I don't know

* Photo: "A Fisherman and Dawn on the Beach(1991)" by kay

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moment of Grace

The moment of grace

The moment

I feel happiest in my life

Since the day I was born

In this real world

Never have I had a feeling like this

Feeling the invisible power of the nature

or should I say

the power of God

Feel like I can go on

till the end of the world

Even though I'm just like

one of the unknown soldiers

in a battlefield

Just holding on

Until the day

Everything fall into my hands

(Photo: "Dawn in the Trail" by kay)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power of Dreams

What keeps me running is

the power of  dreams

the power to have dreams

the power to make my dreams come true

The dreams are just like

ore of diamonds

that haven't been polished

What I got to do now is

make them sparkle

by myself

Having so many dreams

of my own in me,

each dream begins to swell out

with powerful energy

Those dreams are always

giving me power

into my body, mind and soul

waiting for the day

when they come true

Now the dreams remain as they are

I'll give each of them

the shape and color

and make them


I'll keep on growing up

with these dreams

until the moment

when I realize that I have lived

for the dreams-come-true

(Illustration "Power of Dreams" by kay)

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