Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power of Dreams

What keeps me running is

the power of  dreams

the power to have dreams

the power to make my dreams come true

The dreams are just like

ore of diamonds

that haven't been polished

What I got to do now is

make them sparkle

by myself

Having so many dreams

of my own in me,

each dream begins to swell out

with powerful energy

Those dreams are always

giving me power

into my body, mind and soul

waiting for the day

when they come true

Now the dreams remain as they are

I'll give each of them

the shape and color

and make them


I'll keep on growing up

with these dreams

until the moment

when I realize that I have lived

for the dreams-come-true

(Illustration "Power of Dreams" by kay)

*PEACE RUN 2011 Running Across America Official Site

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