Sunday, February 13, 2011


Change is all I need
An ordinary life without change
Is what nobody wish for
I dare to challenge for change

I got to spend
Plenty of my energy within me
On something

The word CHANGE is hidden
Inside the word CHALLENGE

It means
Challenge itself
Brings about a chance for change

Don't hesitate
My friend

Even though you are made a fool of
You can go your own way

You can do anything at the risk of your life

How can you live
Your limited life
Here in this world?

The chance will surely come to you
 If you do something desperately

If you don't accept any change
You just stay where you are
If you refuse something new
Your body is nothing but corpse

Your body and soul never refuses changes
Changes are evolution

Don't be so confused
My friend

If you lose your nerve
And stop going on
Nothing will change
Or you can't change anything
It's now or never
You can change now
Or you can never change

Keep challenging
Al the changes come from challenges

In such a chaotic world
You just have a strong will
A will strong enough to go on
Only one road with your two legs

(Illustration "Twilight Mellow" by kay)

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